Simple, affordable brand awareness for your small-to-mid-sized business or organization to engage your customers and set you apart from the competition

Savvy businesses create brand awareness for themselves. Engaging an advertising agency or marketing firm to create such awareness is often expensive and time consuming, especially when employees are enlisted to head up the effort along with filling their normal responsibilities.

Brand-aware is a simple but comprehensive brand development process available to small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. It’s affordable and requires minimal time commitment from your internal staff.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the ongoing level of public consciousness of your company or organization. It measures a customer’s ability to not only visually recognize your brand but also associate your company or organization with your core product or service. Brand awareness is especially important when launching new products 

and services as it drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating between competing offerings. When properly navigated, it also encourages repeat business and leads to increased market share and incremental sales for established companies and organizations. As part of your employer brand, it also attracts future hires.

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